i'll moose you!

art by : Lindsay Heinzen

Today my littlest turns two.  Today is one of my favorite holidays.  Today is the day I say goodbye.

I've written this post in my mind a million and one times, never really quite sure what to say.  The words always just escaping my grasp.  I have been battling this decision, back and forth, since the beginning of this year.  And just recently, I came to a conclusion.  It is time to say farewell to blogging, at least for now.  Let's call this an extended break, with no set date to return.

This leaving thing, it's bittersweet but I know it's right.  I have other avenues I'd like to pursue but most of all... Most of all I want to focus on my family.  School my boys.  And enjoy life at a slower pace.

Thanks for reading, for following along, and for being my friend.
I'll see you on the flip side!


p.s.  if you'll miss me too much, feel free to say hello at my personal blog.
p.p.s.  My Favorite Things will remain at this domain, feel free to browse through the archives.



I am a wimp with a capital W!  I hate scary movies, I hate them.  As much as I love Halloween, I do not like the scary aspect.  I would much rather keep this holiday light and fun and full of childish wonder.

And so, even though my husband has begged and pleaded to watch a scary movie this week, I will not budge.  Although, I can get down with movies like Rear Window.

So tell me, do you like to hide under a blanket, cuddle up with your lover, and watch a horror film?  If so, what's your favorite?


make it happen.

I am tired of being disappointed with the cards that I am being dealt.  To hell with the pity party yo,  I am going to make it (life) happen.  period.  Whose with me?  This can only mean one thing; I need this tattly tattoo

Happy Friday!
Go make it happen!  Period!


holy moose!

I am most definitely in love with this moose sheet set from Land of Nod.  If I had a money tree, I'd ship them straight to my boys' beds ASAP!

I have a thing for moose, owls and pigs.  Do you have a favorite animal?


fall into style with jbella.

Can Dallas finally get the memo that Fall is here and the temperatures need to drop, like, yesterday?  It is warm and humid and not at all in accordance with my fall wardrobe.  So until mother nature decides to be agreeable and produce a chilly atmosphere, I shall dream of wearing sweaters and boots and scarves.

Jbella has a pretty stellar lineup that I would like to stowaway in my closet once the temperatures drop.  Jamie (owner of jbella) and I have each created a Fall look that we would like to share with you.  I've pulled three of my favorite pieces together for a simple, black and white, no fuss look.

Jamie went with a little more edge, fitting of her killer style!

black and white look
racer leggings
isabel top
the manhattan wool coat

snakeskin look
snakeskin edge jacket
alex burgandy skinnies
the jackson white top 
good works cherum bracelet

jbella is a MFT sponsor.  all thoughts, opinions, and words are my own.  pinky swear.

p.s.  don't miss out of the FREE top promo happening over at jbella.  hurry, hurry, it ends tonight!



This year (combined with last) has been a doozy and the other night (after ramming my head into the corner of the microwave door (no stitches thankfully) and smashing my finger in the laundry room door) I felt defeated.  I crumpled to the floor, exhausted to the very depths of my soul and I cried.

I still had laundry to fold and Halloween costumes to begin and all I wanted to do was curl up and sleep.  And not worry.  That worry, he is an unwelcome visitor.  Because really, what does one accomplish by worrying?

My sweet, dear husband enveloped me in his arms and sent me to bed with the promise of sleeping in until, gasp, 8:00 the next morning.

Life is still here to live, worries and all.  And so I will cry and carry on.  Because a reeeeeally good cry is necessary to heal and move forward, yes?

And three cheers that today is Friday!

P.S.  am I the last to discover Mumford & Sons?  Should I be rockin' out to any other good tunes?  Share your favorites!


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