hang 'em.

Finally at last!
A tool to make hanging pictures + shelves super easy and quick to boot!  Use this tool with keyhole, slot or other similar hanging devices and get rid of the stress of making it level and straight.  I just used the Hang'em Awl this last week to hang some letters in mr. b's room.  I must say, it took me less than 5 minutes.  And at only $7.99, how could you not want to try them out.  I love a good solution.  Watch the video here.


  1. Great tool that really helps hang shelves and letters in no time

  2. Oh my goodness! Those are awesome! I will have to go buy some!

  3. I need this...I just don't understand how it works??!!

  4. Amanda,

    One end of the awl slides into the kehole slot, or under the "teeth" of a sawtooth hanger. Once it is in place you can tighten the orange body down to keep the awl in place. After you have an awl in all the hanger slots you just press it against a wall to mark where the screws/hanger/nails should go. If you get a chance watch the video, there is a demo in the seconde half. Take care! I hope this helped!



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