Friday Favorites

I love Molly's Friday Favorites series. I was reading my book in bed other night, and maybe it was all those pretty words strung together in sentences, but I started forming my own list. Here are some of my very favorite things:

antique mirrors
a well-written, completely transporting story
the warm, tickly feeling of a toddler whispering in my ear
going for a walk with my family
Christmas songs on the piano
the smell of old houses, old books, and the insides of old furniture
landscape paintings
big windows
a nipped-in waist
chocolate chip ice cream in a waffle cone

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It's been so fun to be here this week, thanks for the opportunity, Molly! Let's do dinner. The rest of you, come see me at A Room Somewhere. New posts just like these every day.


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  1. That's the best list I've seen yet--especially the one about Christmas songs around the piano! Took me right back to the growing up years. Loved your posts this week!



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