This year (combined with last) has been a doozy and the other night (after ramming my head into the corner of the microwave door (no stitches thankfully) and smashing my finger in the laundry room door) I felt defeated.  I crumpled to the floor, exhausted to the very depths of my soul and I cried.

I still had laundry to fold and Halloween costumes to begin and all I wanted to do was curl up and sleep.  And not worry.  That worry, he is an unwelcome visitor.  Because really, what does one accomplish by worrying?

My sweet, dear husband enveloped me in his arms and sent me to bed with the promise of sleeping in until, gasp, 8:00 the next morning.

Life is still here to live, worries and all.  And so I will cry and carry on.  Because a reeeeeally good cry is necessary to heal and move forward, yes?

And three cheers that today is Friday!

P.S.  am I the last to discover Mumford & Sons?  Should I be rockin' out to any other good tunes?  Share your favorites!

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  1. ouch! when I'm in the playroom with my boys, I like listening to Andrew Bird. When I need something to get me moving it's Awolnation and when I'm in the kitchen it's Edith Piaf. I always have to turn the music on first to get myself going!



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