i'll moose you!

art by : Lindsay Heinzen

Today my littlest turns two.  Today is one of my favorite holidays.  Today is the day I say goodbye.

I've written this post in my mind a million and one times, never really quite sure what to say.  The words always just escaping my grasp.  I have been battling this decision, back and forth, since the beginning of this year.  And just recently, I came to a conclusion.  It is time to say farewell to blogging, at least for now.  Let's call this an extended break, with no set date to return.

This leaving thing, it's bittersweet but I know it's right.  I have other avenues I'd like to pursue but most of all... Most of all I want to focus on my family.  School my boys.  And enjoy life at a slower pace.

Thanks for reading, for following along, and for being my friend.
I'll see you on the flip side!


p.s.  if you'll miss me too much, feel free to say hello at my personal blog.
p.p.s.  My Favorite Things will remain at this domain, feel free to browse through the archives.


  1. Your blog is one of my daily reads, so I'll miss it for sure, but I think your decision is awesome. Good luck with homeschooling and thanks for always posting such great material. Enjoy your family!!

  2. Molly I will miss you here and will definitely keep peaking in on your adventures with all your boys. I still even go back to your original domain every once in awhile to see if your hubs has written anymore of his story. let me know when he does or if he has a new place he's doing that, it's an amazing story I'd love to hear. thanks for this beautiful blog and best wishes with homeschooling, i admire your hard work and courage taking that one.

  3. We will miss you but you're on to better things. Good luck!

  4. My heart is heavy. After discovering the wonderful world of blogging yours was one of my gem finds and is still the only one I store on my toolbar. I was always so impressed that you managed to parent & teach yet still found time to blog, however your life has moved in a new direction and I want to wish you all the very best!
    Take good care, you shall be missed.

  5. i love your blog! adorable.

    follow me back :)




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