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    Introduction of Gutian Tourist Area

    It lies in Gutian Township,Longyan City,Fujian Proyince,known as a famous Chinese revolutionary sanctuary,where the predecessors of proletarian revolution as Mao Zedong,Zhu De and Chen Yi devoted themselves to revolutionary practice.It is the site of the Gutian Congress (the 9th Party Congress of the 4th Army of the Chinese Workersand Peasants Red Army) in December 1929,a milestone in Chinese revolution.

    It boasts abundant tourist attractions and historic sites as the site of Gutian Congress, idyllic scenery,the exhibition areas of Hakkas culture,and customs with folk tales.It has won various honorary titles including National AAAAA Tourist Attraction,National Classic Scenic Area of Red Tourism,Top Ten Outstanding National Patriotism Education Base,the First Demonstration Spots of Recreational Agriculture and Rural Tourism in China ,the Revolution Tourism Area in Hunan,Jiangxi and Fujian, Top Ten Tourism Brand of Fujian Province and the Most Influential Red Tourism Demonstration City in China.


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